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Mosaix Lounge: International Tasting Social

With Urban Mosaix on May 21; 3:00 pm

People are the colorful ‘mosaic pieces ‘ in this lounge where strangers arrive… friends depart! Get together for a delicious international tasting buffet of shared dishes and lively conversations inspired by enlightening questions that spark insightful new viewpoints.
Please bring an 8+ serving appetizer or dessert with a GLOBAL THEME; beverages will be provided. Good quality store-bought absolutely OK if lacking time or culinary skills. Come prepared to ‘eat around the world’ as we relax on …

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Remembering Louise Cowan

Remembering Our Teacher, Dr. Louise S. Cowan

The Louise S. Cowan Memorial Fund

In response to gifts received honoring Dr. Louise Cowan, who passed away on November 16th, the Dallas Institute has established the Louise S. Cowan Memorial Fund.
We are deeply grateful to those who have made contributions and invite others who would like to do so to contact us at 214-871-2440 or Or you may make your gift directly by clicking here.


A memorial mass was held Monday, November 23, at …

What is the Dallas Institute?

Since 1981, the Dallas Institute has conducted original programs that enrich and strengthen the cultural heart of our great city. Our campus on Routh Street is home for those who enjoy reading, thinking, exploring, and discussing timeless ideas that make us most fully human. The Institute has been described by our members as a “sanctuary,” as an “oasis,” as a “place for reflection,” as “food for the soul.”

Our members are the lifeblood of the Institute. It is for them that we create classes, groups, programs, and events that bring the wisdom and imagination of the humanities into their lives. If you are already a member, we thank you. If you aren’t, please think about becoming a member, and join us on a common journey toward the discovery of truth, beauty, and all else that is good and noble.

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