Bearings and Distances

Bearings and Distances: a Presentation and Signing
Dr. Glenn Arbery 
During his tenure as Director of the Dallas Institute’s Teachers Academy from 1997 to 2002, Dr. Glenn Arbery made a lasting and powerful mark as a teacher, lecturer, and writer of scholarly and cultural articles and books. His abiding passion for the Western classics and for the Southern literary tradition were everywhere evident in his work. In 2015, he added another dimension to his achievements—that of novelist—with the publication of Bearings and …

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A Different Perspective: Reading James Baldwin in the Digital Age

A Different Perspective

Reading James Baldwin in the Digital Age with Dr. Kenton Rambsy

When James Baldwin died in 1987, novelist Toni Morrison addressed him in her eulogy: “You made American English honest—genuinely international…. You stripped it of ease and false comfort and fake innocence and evasion and hypocrisy. And in place of deviousness was clarity. In place of soft plum lies was a lean, targeted power.” Thirty years later, we are discovering anew, or for the first …

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1001 Arabian Nights

One Mysterious Collection . Two Evenings of Intrigue

Marvellous Thieves: The Story Behind the Arabian Nights
Dr. Paulo Lemos Horta
The narrative frame of the Arabian Nights, universally acknowledged as a world classic, is familiar: a story is told nightly, and left unfinished, by Queen Shahrazad under threat of death lest the King her husband lose interest in her tale. The suspense continues for 1001 nights, and generations of readers have inherited the rich fruits—the stories and stories within stories—of the domestic drama.
In …

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2017 Hiett Prize Recipient Dr. James Matthew Wilson


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Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Dr. Donna McBride

This Fall we are launching a new monthly book group for lovers of science fiction and also those who want to know why their friends get so excited over a new science fiction story or movie.  Focusing on thought-provoking science fiction books, we will explore what it means to be human by exploring the alien worlds of other planets.  We’ll read a book a month, blending classics with exciting works by newer authors. If you love science …

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Remembering Louise Cowan

Remembering Our Teacher, Dr. Louise S. Cowan

The Louise S. Cowan Memorial Fund

In response to gifts received honoring Dr. Louise Cowan, who passed away on November 16th, the Dallas Institute has established the Louise S. Cowan Memorial Fund.
We are deeply grateful to those who have made contributions and invite others who would like to do so to contact us at 214-871-2440 or Or you may make your gift directly by clicking here.


A memorial mass was held Monday, November 23, at …

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