Song of the Goddess

Sing, Goddess! 

Almost every English rendition of Homer’s Iliad begins with the same two words: “Sing, Goddess.” But too rarely do critics consider the power of the narrating goddess — or of the several feminine deities shaping the epic action. In this course, we will read the Iliad with care. Doing so, we will necessarily confront its powerful feminine divinities. These goddesses decisively shape — and often control — the epic events. Reading in this way, with fresh eyes, we will also see how and why the Iliad’s metaphors of gender operate in our own imaginations even today.

Course Text

Tuesday, February 28 6-8pm

Tuesday, March 14 6-8pm

Tuesday, March 28 6-8pm

Tuesday, April 11 6-8pm

Tuesday, April 25 6-8pm

Tuesday, May 9 6-8pm

Tuesday, May 23 6-8pm

Venue: Stroud House, 2723 Routh St., Dallas, Tx


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