In The Tempest, William Shakespeare offers this phrase to describe a deadly, comprehensive, beautiful, and deeply strange kind of change: a metamorphosis in which nothing has faded but the whole medium and context and meaning have transformed. Many of our wisest have begun to suggest that we are currently undergoing such a sea-change globally, institutionally, and in our own lives:

  • the climate and environmental crisis
  • the pandemic with its technological, social and political responses
  • the reversal of the political trend toward liberal democracy
  • the transformation of the economy by the computer, big data, AI, and the internet
  • the souring of social media and the recognition of emerging associated mental health crises

Civil conversation in community offers calm in the storm. Join us to contemplate and discuss the SEA-CHANGE already happening around us.

Dates & Times: 6:00-8:00 PM

  • Tuesday, September 20* Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses: A Literary Critique with Dr. Jaina Sanga (Fellow of the Dallas Institute)
  • Tuesday, October 18 Art and Liberation in the Marketplace with Sara Cardona (Executive Artistic Director, Teatro Dallas)
  • Tuesday, November 15 The Age of Geo-Engineering with Lee Cullum (Journalist, Dallas Morning News and KERA)
  • Tuesday, December 13Great Again: Myths of National Destiny with Dr. Scott Dupree (Professor of English, University of Dallas)

Cost: $30 ($15 for Members — discount applied automatically at checkout after signing in)

Venue: The Dallas Institute’s Nancy Cain Marcus Conference Center

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* For security reasons, no bags, parcels or briefcases will be allowed into the venue for this event. We appreciate your cooperation.