Lyle Novinski is a long time Professor at the University of Dallas, an established painter and designer. MA and MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, further study in Philosophy and Theology at Marquette University. Professor Novinski’s interests as a working artist embrace a wide range of topics, painting as a discipline, design and execution of liturgical spaces. Widely known as a lecturer on the nature of the Sacred in Art and Architecture, Professor Novinski now teaches courses on the History of Sacred Art at the University of Dallas, Retiring from active studio instruction he remains the professor of the large and popular History of Art and Architecture course. His many exhibits over the years have brought note to his work, culminating in a Retrospective Exhibition at the University of Dallas. His work graces over 60 installations in the churches of the region, including the windows at St. Rita in Dallas, and the furnishings of the Neuhoff Chapel at SMU. He served as furnishings designer and consultant on the renovation of Perkins Chapel at SMU. His essays have appeared in various Institute publications. He is currently working on several publications, a volume on his experiences as a GI in Korea, a book of his Poetry, and a History of Sacred Art.