ROUNDTABLE – APRIL 8, 6:30 – 8:00 PM; Reception 6:00 PM
READING – APRIL 9, 6:30 – 8:00 PM; Reception 6:00 PM
Featuring Poets Dana Gioia, Frederick Turner, and James Matthew Wilson

In 1888, British poet Matthew Arnold said that “the future of poetry is immense.” Arnold spoke of a heritage that had already spanned hundreds of years, but there are signs that his words might be true now of a much younger tradition–poetry in America. A 2018 NEA study indicates that the readership for poetry in America has more than doubled in the last few years — a change led, in large part, by young people. Poetry is our civilization’s oldest and most enduring art form, one uniquely endowed with the ability to appeal to a broad, diverse public and to deepen our culture with its capacity to express the most profound experiences of human life.  During this two-day program, the Dallas Institute will convene Dallas leaders and citizens to discuss the role poetry can play in renewing and strengthening American culture and to hear the work of three distinguished American poets: Dana Gioia, Frederick Turner, and James Matthew Wilson.

*All attendees will receive a free copy of Dana Gioia’s book The Catholic Writer Today: And Other Essays.

Admission to both events:  $60; $40 for Members
Admission to single event: $35; $25 for Members

Educators and Students: Free


DANA GIOIA is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning poet. Former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, he currently serves as the Poet Laureate of California.






PROF. FREDERICK TURNER is Founders Professor of Arts and Humanities at UT-Dallas, an Institute Fellow, and award-winning author of numerous volumes of criticism and poetry.






PROF. JAMES MATTHEW WILSON is Associate Professor of Religion and Literature at Villanova University. He is author of several poetry collections and recipient of the 2017 Hiett Prize.