Presented by Dr. Joanne Stroud and Prof. Mary Vernon

Dr. Joanne Stroud and Prof. Mary Vernon are well-known and beloved by many Dallas Institute members and supporters—they’re Institute icons, it would be fair to say. Dr. Stroud’s medium is language, the written word; she has written numerous books, edited and published many more. Prof. Vernon’s medium is the image; she is an esteemed visual artist nationwide, beloved by students and art aficionados alike. But they have co-taught a course only once during the Institute’s four decades—before this welcome reprise. Every week they will choose a poem and a work of visual art. They will read the poem aloud; Dr. Stroud will speak about it, and class members will discuss. Then the class will look at the picture; Prof. Vernon will speak about it, and again class members will discuss. What will emerge? Perhaps, among other things, a clearer understanding of what a poem is and what a picture is. Though destinations may be manifold, the journey will certainly be pleasurable.



DR. JOANNE STROUD is Founding Fellow of the Dallas Institute, founder of the James Hillman Symposium, Director of Institute Publications, and author of numerous books.



PROF. MARY VERNON joined the SMU faculty in 1967 and recently retired as Professor of Art in the Meadows School of the Arts after a distinguished career. She is a Dallas Institute Fellow.