Mr. Brad Goldberg is an artist whose work is centered on developing a fusion between sculpture, landscape, urban design, place, culture, and community. It is an art that aspires to escape categorical definitions, restrictions or limitations Each new project generates a unique response encompassing the total aspect of a specific place or circumstance. This response may include sculpture, architecture, landscape, water, furniture etc.

The complexities of working on large environmental projects have led to collaborative efforts with other artists, design professionals, civic leader’s, corporations, and communities. His work as an artist reflects a strong interest in archetypal forms, the cycles of nature, the evolution of technology, and examines the metaphor of stone viewed within the span of geologic time while creating people-oriented community spaces. Within this framework, he works to enrich each project with a sense of belonging to its context through beautiful objects imbued with meaning, sensitivity to scale, attention to craftsmanship and simple materials used with the evidence of the touch of the human hand.

Brad resides in Dallas, where he keeps his studio. He works on a wide array of projects nationally as well as internationally and frequently travels abroad to work on projects and to maintain a world-perspective. “In time,” he states, “with many experiences layered over one another, I am hoping my work will reflect a cultural collage…..more in keeping with artistic truths, than passing fashions.