Imagining Dallas


What does our city want to be? Citizens of Dallas come together to envision and shape the future of our city.

Are we condemned to be a city that lacks an identity apart from affluence? Or does our city have a soul – derived from its history, its diverse populace and its vibrant allure to newcomers?

With an influx of new residents, Dallas enjoys new energy, imagination and ferment even as it also retains many of its traditional advantages – and challenges. Our collective decisions in the coming decade will shape the future of our metropolis for decades to come. This lecture series offers an opportunity for mindfulness about our city’s emerging new identity.

Dates & Times: 6:00-8:00 PM

  • Thursday, February 2: Byron Sanders, President & CEO, Big Thought –“Different: How Youth Thrive in the CreatEconomy”
  • Thursday, May 25: Melanie Ferguson, Director, Dallas Water Commons“Thirst to Storms: Water and its Ways”

Cost: $25 ($15 for Members — discount code available for members)

Venue: The Dallas Institute’s Nancy Cain Marcus Conference Center

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