Dr. Tess Castleman, M.A., L.P.C., I.A.A.P., is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst living in Dallas and Zurich. She is a former educator both in public schools as well as private college and is the author of two books:Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a Tribal Connection is Revealed through Dreams and Synchronicities and Sacred Circles: A Guide Book to Facilitating Jungian Dream Groups.

She is on the board of curators at the Jung Institute in Zurich where her primary responsibility, in addition to teaching and supervising candidates, is to oversee the English-language International Block Training Program. The block format, a long distance, compressed study model has allowed students would-wide to come to Zurich to study.

Tess has specialized in group work, but also has a private practice for adults and, occasionally couples in Dallas, Texas. Yearly she holds a dream retreat anywhere from Mineral Wells to Einsiedeln, Switzerland where work on the “tribal dream” continues. She is primarily interested in studying the psychology of the group, whether it is a small cluster of unrelated individuals or culture and society as a whole. Her primise is that one dreams for more than oneself, and others benefit from hearing and sharing dreams with others. She is former president of both the Jung Institute of Dallas as well as the Friends of Jung of North Texas.