Dr. Sudeshna Baksi-Lahiri received her BSc in Anthropology and her MA in Sociology from the University of Delhi, India.  She continued her education at Cornell University, completing her Master’s en passant while working towards her doctorate in Cultural Anthropology. As well, Baksi-Lahiri received a Fulbright to conduct dissertation research in the Republic of Maldives for her PhD on women’s power and ritual politics in a traditional Islamic society.

Sudeshna’s area of specialization is Women and Islam.  Her doctoral dissertation from Cornell University in Anthropology is on “Women’s Power and Ritual Politics in the Maldives.”  She taught at Ithaca College as an adjunct and was an instructor at Cornell.  She has presented papers and chaired panel discussions at the American Anthropological Association and the Annual Conference on South Asia at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, among others.

She has participated in several Dallas Institute programs and has taught two short courses: “Women in Islam: Beyond the Stereotypes” and “Gender in Islam: Text and Context.”

She is also a member of the Dallas Institute and frequently attends programs.