Rodney C. Teague, Ph.D., recently relocated with his wife, Erin Leigh, sons Tal and Ches, and daughter Emma Ruby to the south Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill. He works at the Dallas VA Medical Center to promote a highly contextual and personalized approach to mental wellness among military veterans and their families. Teague earned a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. While at Duquesne—and previously at the University of Dallas—he studied psychology as a human science from existential, phenomenological, and critical perspectives. He came to psychology initially through literature—through Faulkner, Dostoevsky, and Shakespeare viewed in light of a collec­tive (un)conscious, and he continues to make his way back to and through literature. Mentors at the University of Dallas, the Dallas Institute, and Duquesne University nurtured—and go on nurtur­ing—this trajectory. Currently, his clinical work is with veterans who are diagnosed with mental illness, addictions, and who have had experiences of combat and other trauma. This work connects him to his late grandfathers, both decorated World War II veter­ans. It also connects him with the vast capacity of the human soul for suffering and resilience. Existential and narrative perspectives inform his work.