Dr. Keith Critchlow is an internationally known lecturer, teacher and author. His many books include Order in space, Time Stands Still and Islamic Pattern as a Cosmological Art. He is a founder member of RILKO (Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation), a founder member and Director of Studies of Kairos and a founder member and president of the Temenos Academy. Keith founded VITA (Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts) a department now attached to the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. He is now semi-retired as Professor Emeritus at VITA but continues to lecture worldwide and practice as an architectural consultant. Keith’s work in the field of architecture includes the Krishnamurti Study Centre in the U.K., the ecumemcal chapel an Crestone Colorado, USA and the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medicine in Puttaparthy, India, in all of which he has embodied the principles of sacred geometry.