A Cowan School® is different from a Cowan Academy® model in that a Cowan School® is a campus staffed entirely by Cowan Teachers® in every classroom and in every academic administrative office.

Professional Features
A Cowan School® will foster a unique community of learners—of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and citizens—all invested in the best of a liberal education for all.

Every teacher and administrator will be an alumnus of the Cowan Center’s Sue Rose Summer Institutes for Teachers, the Dallas Institute’s nationally recognized program that has been transforming teachers and administrators since 1984. Every teacher in the English and history departments will be a veteran with at least ten years teaching experience. In the other subjects, teachers will also be highly experienced. Administrators will rise from the ranks of the classroom for their excellence and experience in teaching and for their gifts of leadership in both vision and skill. Within four years of hiring, teachers and administrators will each hold a specially designed Master of Humanities degree.

The curriculum will meet state standards and will be shaped by the school’s teachers and administrators, experts in content knowledge and teaching, which give them wisdom in the methods and pedagogies appropriate to the teaching of their various disciplines.

Benefits to Students
The rigor and liveliness of the learning experience at a Cowan School® will help develop in students the capacity for deep understanding, empathy, and an appropriate sense of responsibility for the human community. Experienced, masterful teachers will provide adult models of “lifelong learning,” inspiring students to love learning so that they can develop the capacity to learn and grow throughout their own lives. Through rigorous, carefully guided courses of study, students will develop a highly nuanced sense of Form, Justice, and Beauty that will lay the foundations for wisdom: for college, for the workplace, and for life. In addition to the rigorous liberal arts curricula in academic subjects, this will be achieved by study and practice in physical education, in the fine arts and music, and in “shop class,” where students will learn the practical arts and crafts while working with natural elements such as wood, metal, and clay.

Graduates of a Cowan School® will be prepared to read, to think, to write, to speak, and to act with the grace and authority befitting young men and women who live as full citizens in a diverse community, nation, and world.