November 1, Précis Submission Deadline
January 24-25, Cowan Center Conference

Summer Institute and Arête Institute Alumni, do you love literature, the arts, world languages, history, mathematics, philosophy, or science? Be the thinker that you want your students to be! What interests you now in your own academic study? Share your insights and passion with colleagues who love to learn. Present a formal, academic essay at the Cowan Center Conference™.

Ground the essay with both a historical and a contemporary context. Equal time does not need to be given to both perspectives, but if the topic is from an ancient work, alluding to one of its contemporary echoes. And if the topic is a from a contemporary discovery or work, make an allusion to an earlier work or time that anticipates this “new” thing or idea.


The format is 5, double-spaced pages, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1” margins.

Submit précis to Dr. Claudia MacMillan by November 1.

*Presenting a lecture annually at the Cowan Center Conference ™ is required to maintain Cowan Center™ certification.