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November 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Venue, The Great Trinity Forest, The Ned and Genie Texas Buckeye Trail
Lunch to follow

Venue, The Market at Bonton Farms (Limited seating, self-purchased lunch)

Featuring Dr. Gail Thomas, Trammell S. Crow, Robert Wilonsky

Presented by The Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Institute

Some well-kept secrets should remain well-kept, while others cry out to be known. Among the latter is Dallas’ Great Trinity Forest, a 6,000-acre tract along the Trinity River that is most likely the largest urban hardwood forest in the country–and minutes away from the heartbeat of the city. Dallas Morning News journalist Robert Wilonsky has written eloquently of the forest’s beauty: “In the Great Trinity Forest, it’s the color that overwhelms at first–the fecund, verdant green that fills the gaze in all directions and swallows you whole. Then, the smell, of peat and petrichor. Then, the sound, of branches swaying and leaves rustling and water rushing and the occasional crunch of something moving, unseen, in the tangles and shadows.” Here and elsewhere, Wilonsky’s words are not only a paean to our unique forest but also a warning: we must treasure and protect it, which begins with our visiting it, being in it, knowing it.

This event is a good starting point: join Robert and other champions of the Great Trinity Forest, including longtime advocate Dr. Gail Thomas and EarthX founder Trammell S. Crow for a Saturday morning walk along the Ned and Genie Fritz Texas Buckeye Trail, with expert commentary and Q&A as we go, concluding with lunch and conversation at The Market at Bonton Farms.


Admission: $30; $15 for Educator Members



DR. GAIL THOMAS is a Founding Fellow of the Dallas Institute, its Founding Executive Director, and author of Healing Pandora: the Restoration of Hope and Abundance.




TRAMMELL S. CROW is founder of EarthX, the largest annual exposition and forum showcasing initiatives, innovations, policies, and corporate practices serving the environment.




ROBERT WILONSKY is Digital Managing Editor of The Dallas Morning News and as City Columnist writes regularly about the city of Dallas.