JANUARY 12, FEBRUARY 9, MARCH 2, AND APRIL 6; 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: Fort Worth, TBD

In this course, we will trace aspects of the tradition of liberal education and explore the distinctive features of the “spirit of liberal learning” that Drs. Louise and Donald Cowan conceived and espoused, concepts and practices that have been transforming primary and secondary educators in the Dallas Institute’s Cowan Center™ programs since 1984.

What makes the Cowans’ understanding of liberal learning unique is their insistence on the importance of cultivating the “poetic imagination,” what physicist Donald Cowan describes as the “active, creative agent of culture.”

Building on the poetic immersion of the July Sue Rose Summer Institutes and Arête Institutes, primary and secondary educators will be guided through the Cowans’ unique vision: the traditions that ground it and their understanding of what an educated person should be and do in the world.

This course will include quizzes and a final essay for completion.


Primary and secondary teachers or administrators who have attended at least one July literature Summer Institute are eligible to attend the class. Those who have not attended at least one July literature Summer Institute are not eligible to attend.

*This is a required course for Cowan Center™ certifications for teachers and administrators.

Admission: $800 (includes four classes) To register, contact Dr. Claudia MacMillan.

Students should purchase Dr. Donald Cowan’s Unbinding Prometheus: Education for the Coming Age and Classic Texts and the Nature of Authority. (Available for purchase at the Dallas Institute or on Amazon). Digital reading 
materials will be provided as needed.
*Meals not included.