The Teachers Alumni Advisory Board is a group of dedicated veteran teachers who are alumni of the Sue Rose Summer Institutes for Teachers. This Board serves as the Cowan Center director’s “eyes and ears” in local classrooms and schools, keeping Dr. Claudia MacMillan abreast of the trends and practices in education and advising her so that Teachers Academy programming will enrich teacher intellectually and inspire them to withstand the challenges of serving in such a demanding profession.

Board Members

Dr. Doretha Allen
Molly Arveson
Keith Black
Camille Cain
Alfonso Correa
Mike Crivello
Stephanie Cross
Ron Francis
Olga Garcia
Ana Fariñas Gay
Allen Gray
Jennifer Gunn
Lois Hardaway
Kristen Harris
Laura Hayes
Gladys Herrera
Tiffany Holmes
Yvonne Janik
Bryan Lindsey
Matthew Lundberg
Irina Marchenko
Andy Mercurio
Benjamin Moore
Nina Myers
Belinda Nowlin
Onyema Nweze
Catherine Pate
Isabel Ramírez
Melody Townsel
GayMarie Vaughn
Pamela Whatley
Edwina Woods