We would like to thank our generous benefactors for their support of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.


$500,000 and above
Mrs. Eugene McDermott

$100,000 and above
Estate of Dr. Louise Cowan

$50,000 and above
Dr. Joanne H. Stroud

$25,000 and above
Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus
Kim Hiett Jordan

$10,000 and above
Lou and Jon Bauman
Betty and Russell Bellamy
Dr. Dorothy and John R. Castle
Lyda H. Hill
Sandra and Rick Illes
Sue Maclay
Ellen and John McStay
Betty Regard
Deedie Rose

$5,000 and above
Dr. J. Larry Allums
Lana and Barry Andrews
Laura Baldwin
Kaleta Doolin
Kyle and James C. Galbraith III
Kathy and Tony Herring
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Dr. Claudia MacMillan
Barbara and James M. Moroney III
Erle Nye
Ginny Jackson and Steven Raab
Drs. Jaina and Raghuram Sanga
Dr. Gail and Bob Thomas

$2,500 and above
Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller
Callie and Trevor Brickman
Ann and David Drumm
Laura and Walter Elcock
Kathryn and Graham Greene

$2,000 and above
Linda and Bob Buford
Ellen and J. McDonald Williams

$1,000 and above
Danielle and Gustavo E. Gonzales, Jr.
Tom Heines
Rusty and John Jaggars
Greg Grosh and Paul LaBreche
Christi and Ken Mulkey
Cyrena Nolan
Mary Vernon

$500 and above
Loreta B. Peebles
Deborah and Gary Bieritz
Lea Bauman
Malcolm Turner
Alison Draper
Veletta and John Lill
Mary Trimble
Michelle and Stewart H. Thomas
Phyllis Lapham
Micki and Michael Rawlings
Alisa and Mike Wilson
Nancy and Roger Allen
Lee Cullum
Christine and Wick Allison
Sybil and Lyle Novinski
John H. Henry
Ola and Randall Fojtasek



$100,000 and above
Bank of America
The Hoblitzelle Foundation

$50,000 and above
The Sapphire Foundation

$25,000 and above
Baylor Scott & White Health
Central Market
Dallas Foundation
Harry S. Moss Foundation
Perot Foundation
Sherman Fairchild Foundation

$15,000 and above
City of Dallas – Office of Cultural Affairs
Edward W. Rose III Family Fund

$10,000 and above
Southern Methodist University
The Southwestern Medical Foundation

$5,000 and above
Connemara Fund
Embry Family Foundation
Hoglund Foundation
Humanities Texas
Interabang Books
Jackson Walker LLP
The Louise W. Kahn Endowment Fund
Northern Trust
OTSL Charities
Texas Mutual Insurance
The Beck Group
The Eos Foundation
The Trinity Trust Foundation
University of Texas at Arlington

$2,500 and above
Downtown Dallas Inc.
Locke Lord LLP
Renah Blair Rietzke Family
TD Industries
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

$1,000 and above
Celebrity Cruises
Clampitt Foundation
Dallas Arts District Foundation
Dallas Shakespeare Club
David Griffin & Company Realtors
DSM Management Group Inc.
Mankoff Family Foundation
Mercedes-Benz of Plano
Provincial Foundation
The Horchow Family

Community Partners
The Dallas Morning News
The Katy Trail Weekly
United Valet Service
The White Rock Weekly



Lou and Jon Bauman
Cecilia and Garrett Boone
Kim Hiett Jordan

PILLAR $2,500
Norris Branham
Sarah and Dr. George Cooper
Dr. Sharon Harris
Kathy and Tony Herring
Judy and Patrick Kelly
Joy and Ronald Mankoff
Ellen and John McStay
Cyrena Nolan
Brenda and Nelson Spencer

PEGASUS $1,250
Christine and Wick Allison
Dr. J. Larry Allums
Callie and Trevor Brickman
Christine and Dr. Bainard Cowan
Emy Lou and Jerald Baldridge
Lori and Dr. Randy D. Gordon
Jane and Greg Greene
Dr. Claudia MacMillan
Tori and Joseph Mannes
Nelda Cain Pickens
Drs. Jaina and Raghuram Sanga

Suzanne and Ansel Aberly
Deborah and Gary Bieritz
Kathryne and Gene Bishop
Dr. John Blackwell
Kalita and Ed Blessing
Laura and Daniel D. Boeckman
Kay and Elliot Cattarulla
Janis and Roy Coffee
Lee Cullum
Carol Barger and William Elliott
Elizabeth and Ron Francis
Brill and Jason Garrett
Katherine Kosut and Lawrence Hochberg
Patrice and Raymond Jennison
Phyllis Lapham
Peggy Levinson and Dr. Dana Fuller
Barbara and Dr. Jim McDermott
Danna Orr
Linda and Patrick Rayes
Patricia Stone and Gary Rice
Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers
Gay and William T. Solomon
Jo Tuck
Jane and Rayburn Tucker

MUSE $250
Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller
Leah Beard
Kathy and Chet Boortz
Lou and Larry Brown
Susan E. Brown and Bill McCoy
Mac Burt
Annabelle and Fred Catterall
Shannon and Dr. Fred Cerise
Dr. Leesa and Jim Condry
Katherine Owens and Bruce DuBose
Nancy Erickson
Kyle and James C. Galbraith III
Julie and Paul George
Patricia Grace
Kathryn and Graham Greene
Amy Hofland
Gemey Kaliff
Carolyn and Richard Kiley
Veletta and John Lill
Nicola Longford and Habib Loriot-Bettaieb
Eileen and David Lynn
Peggy and Dr. Dave Morales
Dee Mitchell
Sybil and Lyle Novinski
Linda Newman and Steven Page
Ann Parrish
Diana Pollak
Jan Sanders
Jane and William Sandlin
Anita Tarar
Jennifer Gunn and Michael Tate
Roslyn Walker
Susannah and Michael Wisenbaker
Nancy Wonders
Elizabeth and Dr. John Zerner

Have questions about becoming a member or donor? Contact Trisha Watson at 214-981-8810.

As of September 1, 2016 – October 31, 2017