MARCH 13: 6:30-8:00 PM; Reception 6:00 PM
Venue: Cour Regard at the Dallas Institute

A Dramatic Reading and Discussion in Cour Regard

You are alone on a desert island and suffering from a wound that will not heal. Day after day you drag your body in and out of a cave to hunt what little food you can manage to discover. You were once a great Greek warrior, but then your comrades cast you out on this island to die. Suddenly, after many years, the Greeks return–solely because they need you for one last mission: in fact, it turns out that you are the key to defeating Troy after a decade of continual fighting. But what’s left of you as a man and a warrior after these years alone? Why would you help the people who abandoned you to this fate? Is this even real, or have you begun to lose your mind from sickness, hunger, and loneliness?

Join us in Cour Regard for a dramatic reading of Sophocles’ powerful Philoctetes, featuring Steve Young, Robby Gemaehlich, and Marcus Stimac. This event continues our new series The Classics on Stage, dramatic readings of classic plays performed by professional actors and followed by audience discussion with topical authorities, on this occasion Combat & Classics Co-Founder and Marine veteran Brian Wilson, also a member of the cast, and Veterans Affairs Psychologist Dr. Rodney Teague.

Admission: $25; $20 for Members; $10 for Educator Members


MATTHEW ALLEN HOLMES is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma and an artist in the DFW area. When not acting or making music, Matthew also teaches, offering acting classes and cello lessons. He works as a fitness trainer part time, and is represented by the Campbell Agency.





MARCUS STIMAC is a member of Shakespeare Dallas and will perform as Odysseus and Herakles in the March 13th dramatic reading of Sophocles’ Philoctetes.






RODNEY TEAGUE works at the Dallas VA Medical Center to promote a highly contextual approach to wellness among veterans and their families. He is a Dallas Institute Fellow.







BRIAN WILSON is a Marine veteran and Co-Founder of Combat and Classics, which explores the nature of man in conflict and cooperation through drama and dialogue.







STEVEN YOUNG is a member of Shakespeare Dallas and will perform as Philoctetes in the March 13th dramatic reading of Sophocles’ Philoctetes.