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In 2004 Spring Publications announced the publication of the clothbound Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman that unites major lectures, occasional writings, scholarly essays, clinical papers, and interviews — arranged thematically. Three volumes, Archetypal Psychology, City & Soul, and Senex & Puer have since been published, with a fourth, Mythic Figures.

Spring takes pride in announcing, in conjunction with The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, the publication of the Uniform Edition of the writings of James Hillman, the founder of Archetypal Psychology — the lasting legacy of an original mind.

The uniform, clothbound set of 10 volumes of the writings of James Hillman unites major lectures, occasional writings, scholarly essays, clinical papers and interviews — arranged thematically. Each volume is embossed with a drawing by the American artist James Lee Byars.

conversing with JH

Conversing with James Hillman

City & Soul

Series Editor: Joanne H. Stroud

Editor: Robert Sardello

Each of the James Hillman Symposiums takes for its subject a volume of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman. Conversing with James Hillman presents the discussions from the 2014 James Hillman Symposium on City & Soul held at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

Conversing with James Hillman – City & Soul includes works by: James Hillman, Gustavo Barcellos, Gustavo Beck, Scott Becker, Tom Cheetham, Matthew Green, Nor Hall, Jonathan Harrell, Sarah Jackson, Robert Leaver, Klaus Ottmann, Robert Romanyshyn, Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, Robert Sardello, Randolph Severson, Dennis Slattery, Joanne H. Stroud, Rodney Teague, Gail Thomas and Mary Watkins.

ISBN: 978-0-911005-56-1
175 pages. Paperback $18.95

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senexpuerSenex & Puer

Series Editor: Joanne H. Stroud

Editor: Robert Sardello

Each of the James Hillman Symposiums takes for its subject a volume of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman. Conversing with James Hillman presents the discussions from the 2015 James Hillman Symposium on Senex & Puer held at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

ISBN: 978-0-911-005-57-8
150 pages. Paperback $18.95

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Archetypal Psychology


Uniform Edition Vol. 1 by James Hillman

Originally written for the Italian Enciclopedia del Novecento, this indispensable book is a concise, instructive introduction to polytheism, Greek mythology, the soul-spirit distinction, anima mundi, psychopathology, soul-making, imagination, therapeutic practice, and the writings of C.G. Jung, Henry Corbin, and Adolf Portmann in the formulation of the field of Archetypal Psychology.

This long-awaited amended third edition includes a complete checklist of Hillman’s writings and a comprehensive bibliography of publications in the field compiled by Thomas Cheetham.

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-579-2
200 pages, third edition. Paperback $24.00

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-998-1
160 pages, fourth edition. Hardcover $32.00

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City & Soul


Uniform Edition Vol. 2 by James Hillman
Edited by Robert J. Leaver and introduced by Gail Thomas

Forty-two chapters comprise Hillman’s writings on the psychology of public affairs: urbanism, environmental aesthetics, citizenship, and politics. The essays and talks divide into four groups: Patient as Citizen; Politics of Beauty; Places of Practice; Responsive Environmentalism.

 ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-577-8
416 pages, first edition. Hardcover, $32.00

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Senex & Puer


Uniform Edition Vol. 3 by James Hillman

Glen Slater writes in his introduction: “This volume, for the first time, collects James Hillman’s running encounters with a primary psychological pattern, an archetype that arises alongside the very attempt to fashion psychological perspective.”

Senex and puer are Latin terms for “old man” and “youth,” and personify the poles of tradition, stasis, structure, and authority on one side, and immediacy, wandering, invention and idealism on the other. The senex consolidates, grounds and disciplines; the puer flashes with insight and thrives on fantasy and creativity. These diverging, conflicting tendencies are ultimately interdependent, forming two faces of the one configuration, each face never far from the other. “Old” and “new” maybe the most direct terms for the pair.

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-581-5
360 pages, first edition. Hardcover, $40.00

DVD: Four discs containing content from the two-day 2015 James Hillman Symposium.
Box set of four DVDs: $25.00

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From Types to Images

Uniform Edition Vol. 4 by James Hillman

Available in 2017


 Alchemical Psychology


Uniform Edition Vol. 5 by James Hillman

All of James Hillman’s papers on the alchemical imagination from 1980 to the present: “Therapeutic Value of Alchemical Language”; “Silver and the White Earth”; “Alchemical Blue and the Unio Mentalis”; “Salt: A Chapter in Alchemical Psychology”; “Rudiments: Fire. Ovens, Vessels, Fuel, Glass”; “The Imagination of Air and the Collapse of Alchemy”; “The Yellowing of the Work”; “Concerning the Stone — Alchemical Images of the Goal”; “The Azure Vault: Caelum as Experience.”

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-583-9
200 pages. Hardcover: First Edition, $40.00. Please limit 1 copy per customer.

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Mythic Figures


Uniform Edition Vol. 6.1 by James Hillman
Introduced by Joanne H. Stroud

This volume collects Hillman’s papers and lectures on the main figures of mythology, including Dionysus, Oedipus, Moses, Mars, and Athene: “Dionysus in Jung’s Writings”; “Athene, Ananke, and the Necessity of Abnormal Psychology”; “The Inside of Strategies: Athene”; “Abandoning the Child”; “Wars, Arms, Rams, Mars”; “… And Huge Is Ugly: Zeus and the Titans”; “Oedipus Revisited”; “Pink Madness or Why Does Aphrodite Drive Man Crazy with Pornography?”; “In: Hestia’s Preposition”; “Hera, Goddess of Marriage”; “Hermes Intoxication”; “A Note on Hermes Inflation”; “Moses, Alchemy, Authority”; “The Call of the God Okeanos”; “Orpheus”; “Good Mother Earth: Imaginal or Literal”; “Apollo, Dream, Reality”; “Joseph Campbell: Myth As Hero.”

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-584-6
300 pages. Hardcover, $32.00

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Inhuman Relations

Uniform Edition Vol. 7 by James Hillman

Available in Fall 2017

IMG_2274Philosophical Intimations

Uniform Edition Vol. 8 by James Hillman
Preface by Edward S. Casey

The lead essay in this volume, “Entertaining Ideas,” could as well be its title. Ideas investigated range from particular philosophers (Heraclitus, Plotinus, Whitehead, Ficino, Vico, Carus, Proclus) to discussions of the philosophical aspects of an archetypal psychology. Also included are papers on language, cosmology, mathematics, certitude, futurology, polytheism, and Hillman’s responses to colleagues and intellectual critics first published in the Italian book Dear James.

ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-587-7
400 pages. Hardcover, $40.00

Animal Presences


Uniform Edition Vol. 9 by James Hillman

This volume includes the major Eranos lecture “The Animal Kingdom in the Human Dream,” and Hillman’s contributions to the out-of-print “bestiary” Dream Animals (with Margot McLean), as well as the essays “Going Bugs”; “Nature in the Doghouse”; “The Elephant in the Garden of Eden”; “Imagination is Bull”; and shorter interviews and penetrating conversations on the animal theme.

 ISBN-13: 978-0-88214-588-4
336 pages. Hardcover, signed copy.

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Conversations and Collaborations

Uniform Edition Vol. 10 by James Hillman

Available Fall 2019

On Depression

Uniform Edition Vol. 11 by James Hillman

Available Fall 2018

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