The Entities Trilogy

The Angels


Robert Sardello, editor

This collection of essays contributes to the development of a larger sense of reality and points toward the creation of a spiritual culture that does not abandon the material world. The key to such an all-inclusive culture lies in welcoming the angels. Sixteen authors’ views of angels, from the wealth of tradition through explorations into their being, to how angels now appear in the world, prepare the reader for the coming age. This edition includes the fifteen essays originally published as A Gathering of Angels as well as three new ones. Contributing authors: Gail Thomas, Robert Sardello, Joanne Stroud, Thomas Moore, Robert D. Romanyshyn, Paco Mitchell, Donald Cowan, Larry Dossey, Frederick Turner, Louise Cowan, Dona S. Gower, Robert Trammell, Eileen Gregory, Lyle Novinski, Mary Vernon, and Therese Schroeder-Sheker.

ISBN: 0-911005-27-7
273 pages. Paper, biblio. $20.00

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The Olympians


Joanne H. Stroud, editor

The gods of the Greeks exemplify two simultaneous characteristics: an empathy with human suffering and a capability of inspiring humankind to its highest aspirations. In evaluating the gods and goddesses and their mythical thinking, these essays reveal twelve dimensions of soul and spirit, living images of those creative forces that can be rekindled within the heart. Contributors include Donald Cowan, Louise Cowan, Gail Thomas, Dan Russ, Dona Gower, Eileen Gregory, Fred Turner, Lyle Novinski, Mary Vernon, William Burford, Joanne Stroud, and Robert Sardello.

ISBN: 0-911005-28-5
157 pages. Paper, biblio. $20.00

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The Muses


Gail Thomas, editor

Essays by ten contributors invite us to remember and respect the reality and variety of inspiration required for fullness of humanity and community. The myth of Pegasus is presented as a mode of imagining the city and each of the nine muses is explored as a guiding presence in the diverse expressions of human creativity. This creativity is explored not only in the traditional realms of the arts, but in the domains of history, science, and popular culture. Contributing authors: Robert Sardello, Gail Thomas, Joanne Stroud, Frederick Turner, Robert S. Dupree, Robert Trammell, Daniel Russ, Mary Lou Hoyle, Dona S. Gower, and Eileen Gregory.

ISBN: 0-911005-26-9
131 pages. Paper, biblio. $20.00

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