Inspired by Gaston Bachelard, France’s quixotic philosopher

TIME Doesn’t TICK Anymore

TimeTick CoverTime has many dimensions – Is it real or virtual? Does it stand still or race by? Is time merely a human need rather than a universal reality?

This witty little book, TIME Doesn’t TICK Anymore, explores our notions of time, ranging from the sundial, to the grandfather clock – with its rhythmic tick tock – to the digital sense of time flashing past us in increments of nanoseconds, relentlessly pulsating, driving, and speeding up the pace of life. Our sense of time changes the way we live. T.S. Eliot’s line seems to apply: “Hurry up, please. It’s time.”

Joanne H. Stroud, Ph.D.

Illustrations by Tashasan
Book Design by Suzanna Brown

ISBN 978-0-911005-47-9 Hard cover,
6.75 x 7.75, 56 pp.w/ illus., $18.95

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Choose Your Element

elementsChoose Your Element is a collection of 4 books in a slipcase that introduces and explores the mystery of the four classic elements – earth, air, fire, and water. Infused with the insight of 20th century philosopher Gaston Bachelard, these books nurture a poetic appreciation of the physical world. Set includes 4 books: Earth is Round, Air is Clear, Fire is Hot, Water is Wet.

Joanne H. Stroud, Ph.D.

Illustrations by Tashasan
Book design by Suzanna Brown

ISBN: 978-0-911005-42-4 Perfect bound, 4 – 100 page illus. books w/ Slipcase, $29.95


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Towers 2 Tall

Towers 2 Tall coverThe idea of building a tower has seduced the human imagination from its earliest times. Towers provide refuge, showcase a civilization’s strength, secure cherished people and things, and allow us to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the ground below. Towers 2 Tall, with its scintillating illustrations of a trove of history’s most celebrated towers, invites us to consider our fascination with verticality and dizzying heights.

Author Joanne H. Stroud distills the imagery of the tower, in all of its forms, into a rumination on the “double meaning” of these often practical, but also highly fantastical structures, noting, “the tower symbolizes the will to survive and to rise . . . . But the tower casts a dark shadow.” Open this extra tall book and see how towers have made, and continue to make, their mark on the world. Continue reading….

Joanne H. Stroud, Ph.D 

Illustrated by Tashasan
Book design by Suzanna Brown

ISBN 0-911005-48-X,  $25.00

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Gaston Bachelard: An Elemental Reverie on the World’s StuffAn Elemental Reverie cover

From Robert Sardello‘s introduction:

Quite directly said, Dr. Stroud presents Gaston Bachelard in an exquisitely “Bachelardian” fashion, through images, in images, and through what we might think of as “the great reversal”–being more “objective” about our inner life while at the same time becoming more “subjective” in our presence with the world. We discover that it is quite possible to carefully and with care “track” the inner world through deepest engagement, and at the same time feel everything around us as a Who, as Presences. The imaginal world discovered by Gaston Bachlard, lover of poetic images, that great alchemical union of “knowing and presence,” can heal the world, can heal the soul, can heal our relationships, from the most intimate pairing to the boardroom, even leading to international intimacy of respect. This book presents these possibilities. With Bachelard, and with Dr. Stroud, we experience something of a revolutionary shift: that it is indeed possible to live poetic, imaginal existence as formative of daily life. Bachelard seemed to be somewhat of a recluse, which seemed necessary to the work he was doing, for the disturbances of the hectic world would have delayed or even foiled the unfolding of his work. Dr. Stroud, however, intimates that it is possible, indeed imperative in this time, to be fully within the world as active world-dreamers. While the process may well be the “grasping, mapping, making,” equally important is the primacy of the imaginal Earth, and dedication to imaginal ecology. Continue reading….

By Joanne H. Stroud, Ph.D

Cover design by Suzanna Brown
Artwork by Margot McLean © 2004
“Up Against the Wind”, 17″ x 11 1/2″, mixed media on rag and rice paper.
Interior book by Eva Casey and Lee Nichol

ISBN 0-911005-54-4 ISBN 978-0-911005-54-7 $25.00 hardback
ISBN 0-911005-55-2 ISBN 978-0-911005-55-4 $18.00 paperback

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