The City, Culture, & Myth

Stirrings of Culture


Robert J. Sardello and Gail Thomas, editors

The sixty-eight articles in this book exemplify the imaginative work of the Dallas Institute and condense a lifetime of labor of the thirty-nine authors represented. The essays are grouped according to eight areas of thought: Ideas, Education, Architecture and Design, Economy, The City, Dallas, Street Life, and The Body.

ISBN: 0-911005-07-2
250 pages. Paper, $19.50

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Dallas Visions for Community: Toward a 21st Century Urban Design

by James Pratt


This beautifully crafted book excites the imagination and challenges a citizenry to strive to build a good city. Focusing on Dallas in the twenty-first century, the book includes historical perspectives, maps, and illustrations of urban design opportunities; it is the result of five years of work by a team of architects, planners, and cultural psychologists collaborating with hundreds of Dallas citizens.

ISBN: 0-911005-20-X
72 pages, indexed. Paper, $20.00

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Imagining Dallas


Gail Thomas, editor

Eight remarkable essays focusing on the life of the city and the recovery of imagination in the modern world. The authors-architects, psychologists, educators, writers-illustrate in diverse ways that to imagine the city in which we live is to participate actively in its making.

ISBN: 0-911005-00-5
95 pages. Paper, $14.00

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Pegasus: The Spirit of Cities


by Gail Thomas

A monograph on the myth of Pegasus and how the flying horse, as a symbol of the spirit of the city, has done its work in re-vitalizing the Dallas City Center.

ISBN: 0-911005-21-8
24 pages, bibliography. Paper, $14.00

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The City as Dwelling: Walking, Sitting, Shaping


by James Hillman, Wm. H. Whyte and Arthur Erickson

These addresses were delivered at the seminar, “The City as Dwelling.” They direct our attention back to the center-the heart-of our urban community, to the often overlooked activities which shape and form our daily lives.

ISBN: 0-911005-32-3
25 pages. Paper, $4.00

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Money and the Soul of the World


by Robert Sardello and Randolph Severson

A book that “wittily, radically, and frontally challenges the quantitative concept of money and reveals other possibilities of money as the energy-flow of the imaginative life of the polis.” -Kathleen Raine, Temenos.

ISBN: 0-911005-02-1
64 pages. Paper, $8.00

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Summoning the Familiar: Powers and Rites of Common Life

summoning-familiarby Eileen Gregory

The three essays of this book are attempts to evoke a sense of the powers of soul which dwell in individual lives and in culture. “Human Making and the Fires of the Earth” brings new perspective to the myth of Prometheus, looking beyond the modern image of the Titan as the patron of Technology and instead seeing him in terms of the work with fire which he has made possible and necessary to human life. “The Myth of the Lyric World” explores moments of intimate revelation within ordinary life. “Friendship: A Marginal and Mixed Bond” considers this often sentimentalized love as one of the most awesome of human potentialities.

ISBN: 0-911005-04-8
90 pages. Paper, $8.00

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Rituals of the Imagination

rituals-imaginationby Thomas Moore

These four essays seek out the sacred in the everyday: the imagination is the primary instrument of the holy. This psychological study includes an essay on the psychology of Marsilio Ficino.

ISBN: 0-911005-03-X
64 pages: Paper, $12.00

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