The Culture, Myth, and Literature

H2O and the Waters of Forgetfulness


by Ivan Illich

In the course of this brilliant essay the author traces the way water has been shorn of its mythic associations and reduced to an urban cleaning fluid. The histories of medicine, art, mythology, architecture, technology, and conceptions of the afterlife come into play as the changing role of water in our lives is revealed.

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Alcohol and Poetry: John Berryman and the Booze Talking

by Lewis Hyde

This pamphlet won the first Pushcart Prize for its remarkable exploration of alcoholic addiction as a disease of “spirits.” Beginning with spiritual thirst as the human desire to move with powers greater than oneself, Lewis Hyde asks and answers what would compel anyone to become addicted to intoxication rather than inspiration. John Berryman’s poetry provides the imagination of alcoholism.

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Images of the Untouched


Joanne Stroud and Gail Thomas, editors

This collection of eight essays develops the imagery of the Virgin in pathology, culture, myths, religion, and dream. It seems important to amplify the realm of the virgin, for we are all pulled by the virgin’s lure. We feel ambivalence toward this complex image; demands of the virginal soul, “to have one’s own space” or “not to come too close” seem to appear with double meaning. The authors of these essays, who include Robert Sardello, Thomas Moore, and James Hillman, attempt to explore these virginal demands in greater detail.

ISBN: 0-88214-317-4
201 pages. Paper, $13.50

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The Short Fiction of Caroline Gordon: A Critical Symposium


Thomas H. Landess, editor

In recognition of Miss Gordon’s achievement six members of the University of Dallas English department have contributed essays to this critical symposium, which has as its special province the author’s short fiction.

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133 pages. Cloth, $4.95

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