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Language constitutes one of the basic materials for the making of culture. To this end, Dallas Institute publishes books and monographs that bring the disciplines of the imagination—depth psychology, literary criticism, art, architecture, cultural criticism—to focus on the resuscitation of culture. Under a grant from the Texas Committee for the Humanities, in 1993 Dallas Institute Publications published a compilation of the lectures delivered during the 1990 principals’ institute. Classic Texts and the Nature of Authority serves as a model for leadership study and complements the other titles in the collection which include literary criticisms, urban philosophies, and cultural psychologies.

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Categories of the Dallas Institute Publications:

Inspired by Gaston Bachelard, France’s quixotic philosopher

Time doesn’t TICK Anymore – Time has many dimensions – Is it real or virtual? Does it stand still or race by? Is time merely a human need rather than a universal reality?

Choose Your Element is a collection of 4 books in a slipcase that introduces and explores the mystery of the four classic elements – earth, air, fire, and water.

Towers 2 Tall, with its scintillating illustrations of a trove of history’s most celebrated towers, invites us to consider our fascination with verticality and dizzying heights.

Gaston Bachelard: An Elemental Reverie on the World’s Stuff

 The City, Culture, and Myth

Stirrings of Culture - The sixty-eight articles in this book exemplify the imaginative work of the Dallas Institute and condense a lifetime of labor of the thirty-nine authors represented.

Dallas Visions for Community: Toward a 21st Century Urban Design - This beautifully crafted book excites the imagination and challenges a citizenry to strive to build a good city. 

Imagining Dallas - Eight remarkable essays focusing on the life of the city and the recovery of imagination in the modern world. 

Pegasus: The Spirit of Cities - A monograph on the myth of Pegasus.

The City as Dwelling: Walking, Sitting, Shaping - These addresses were delivered at the seminar, “The City as Dwelling.” 

Money and the Soul of the World - A book that “wittily, radically, and frontally challenges the quantitative concept of money…”

Summoning the Familiar: Power and Rites of Common Life - The three essays of this book are attempts to evoke a sense of the powers of soul which dwell in individual lives and in culture.

Rituals of the Imagination - These four essays seek out the sacred in the everyday.

The Culture, Myth, and Literature

H2O and the Waters of Forgetfulness - In the course of this brilliant essay the author traces the way water has been shorn of its mythic associations and reduced to an urban cleaning fluid.

Alcohol and Poetry: John Berryman and the Booze Talking - This pamphlet won the first Pushcart Prize for its remarkable exploration of alcoholic addiction as a disease of “spirits.”

Images of the Untouched - This collection of eight essays develops the imagery of the Virgin in pathology, culture, myths, religion, and dream.

The Short Fiction of Caroline Gordon: A Critical Symposium 

Literature, Myth, and Education

Classic Texts and the Nature of Authority - Authority for leadership has its source in those who are led and is bestowed on a leader by a community as a mark of trust in an ability to interpret events and draw sound conclusions.

W.B. Yeats and the Learning of the Imagination - Kathleen Raine has long been recognized as one of the most profound commentators on Yeats’s work.

Unbinding Prometheus: Education for the Coming Age - This collection of essays by a distinguished physicist and educator unites a cultural and technological imagination of education. 

The Prospect of Lyric - The fourth in the Genres of Literature series enters into the heart of the lyric experience.

The Epic Cosmos - The community of scholar-critics that brought out The Terrain of Comedy has produced the second volume in its studies of the four genres, with Larry Allums as editor.

The Terrain of Comedy - The Dallas school of critics centered around Louise Cowan here presents a thorough probing of comedy as one of the territories through which the soul must journey.

The Tragic Abyss - This collection of eighteen essays on tragedy is the third in a series on literary genre issued by Dallas Institute publications.

The Southern Critics - An introduction to the Southern Critics for those who do not know them. 

The Bachelard Translations

Earth and Reveries of Repose: An Essay on Images of Interiority

Earth and Reveries of Will

Air and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Movement

The Right to Dream

The Flame of a Candle

Fragments of a Poetics of Fire


Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter

The Entities Trilogy

The Angels – This collection of essays contributes to the development of a larger sense of reality and points toward the creation of a spiritual culture that does not abandon the material world. 

The Olympians The gods of the Greeks exemplify two simultaneous characteristics: an empathy with human suffering and a capability of inspiring humankind to its highest aspirations.

The Muses – Essays by ten contributors invite us to remember and respect the reality and variety of inspiration required for fullness of humanity and community. 

James Hillman’s Uniform Edition

Conversing with James Hillman - This volume presents the discussions from the 2014 James Hillman Symposium on City & Soul held at the Institute.

Archetypal Psychology - This long-awaited amended third edition includes a complete checklist of Hillman’s writings and a comprehensive bibliography of publications in the field compiled by Thomas Cheetham.

City & Soul - Forty-two chapters comprise Hillman’s writings on the psychology of public affairs: urbanism, environmental aesthetics, citizenship, and politics.

Senex & Puer - “This volume, for the first time, collects James Hillman’s running encounters with a primary psychological pattern, an archetype that arises alongside the very attempt to fashion psychological perspective.” –Glen Slater’s introduction

Alchemical Psychology - All of James Hillman’s papers on the alchemical imagination from 1980 to the present.

Mythic Figures - This volume collects Hillman’s papers and lectures on the main figures of mythology, including Dionysus, Oedipus, Moses, Mars, and Athene.

Animal Presences - This volume includes the major Eranos lecture “The Animal Kingdom in the Human Dream,” and Hillman’s contributions to the out-of-print “bestiary” Dream Animals (with Margot McLean), as well as other essays, interviews, and penetrating conversations.

Coming soon: From Types to Images, Inhuman Relations, Philosophical Inclinations, Conversations and Collaborations

Each set includes 13 compact discs with lectures on Shakespeare from Dr. Louise Cowan.      
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