Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris

Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris
Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris

Carolyn Smith-Morris is a medical anthropologist who has worked with the Wiradjuri Aborigines of New South Wales, the Pima Indians of Southern Arizona, and among Mexicans and Mexican migrants to the U.S. Her work addresses chronic disease and the health impacts of culture change on native and developing communities.

Her first monograph on diabetes among the Pima has been recognized as “penetrating examination of a disease that afflicts… indiscriminately” and has been adopted in many undergraduate courses for its demonstration of the “role of ethnography in addressing significant world problems”. She has published over a dozen other articles on chronic disease, research ethics, and end-of-life care. She is under review for tenure at Southern Methodist University this Spring.

Dr. Smith-Morris was recently named the 2008-2009 Teaching Fellow for the Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility. She also collaborates with the Baylor Health Care Systems Office of Health Equity, which is a new partnership between SMU and Baylor for improving the health and health care of Dallas’ under-served citizens. She was a member of the Mayor’s Health Task Force during Mayor Miller’s tenure, and has also served in the community of scholars for Dallas’ Foundation for Community Empowerment.

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