Archived Lecture Transcripts

Here is a selection of lectures from some of our fellows:

Comedy and the City – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Comic Life of Cities, Robert S. Dupree – 10/31/07
Loosening the Snarl, Glenn C. Arbery – 11/14/07
What’s Up History’s Inner Sleeve: Myth and the Fabric of Culture, Dennis Patrick Slattery

Confronting Global Problems of Environment – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Lame Hephaistos: Technology at the World’s End, Glenn Arbery – 10/11/06

Utopia – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Constitution of Bliss, Glenn Arbery – 3/5/03

The Humane City – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Learning from New York, Gail Thomas – 10/2/02
Loneliness and the City, Virginia Arbery – 10/16/02
Unintended Consequences, Rena Pederson – 10/23/02
Beyond Humane-Developing a Higher Vision for “Fort Dallas”, Rich Morgan, AIA – 10/30/02
Why the Metaphors Matter, Glenn Arbery – 09/27/02
Funeral Games and RBI’s, Larry Allums – 09/27/02

God and Culture – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Fathers and Son: The Genealogy of the Cosmos, Glenn Arbery – 03/20/02
The Style of God, Frederick Turner – 03/13/02
The Secular City: A Discussion, Larry Allums – 03/06/02
The Promethean Paradox, Joanne Stroud – 03/06/02
Political Liberty and The Duty to Worship: Honoring Queequeq, Virginia Arbery – 02/27/02

The City and Elemental Nature – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Imaginal Energy of Earth, Joanne Stroud – 10/31/01
A Civil Breathing, Glenn Arbery – 10/24/01
The Promethean Gift and the Elemental Context of Culture, Larry Allums – 10/17/01
The Mysteries of Water: “In Every Drop of Water Dwells a Deity,” Gail Thomas – 10/03/01

Power – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Ancient to Modern: the Changing Face of Power, Larry Allums – 03/21/01
The Future of Power, Bainard Cowan – 03/14/01
“Power Awaits Direction:” Consciousness and Obedience, Virginia Arbery – 03/07/01

What Does the River Want To Be?
What Does the River Want to Be?, Gail Thomas – 01/26/01
Lightness and Darkness on the TrinityRobert Trammell - 01/26/01

The Future of Beauty – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Paradox of Democratic Beauty, Virginia Arbery – 11/01/00
Gaston Bachelard as Guide, Joanne Stroud – 10/25/00
Beauty as Theft, Mary Vernon – 10/18/00
How Beauty Evolves, Frederick Turner – 10/11/00
The Frail Strength of Beauty, Louise Cowan – 10/04/00
Selling Beauty: The Future of a Sacrifice, Glenn Arbery – 9/27/00

Globalization and Consciousness – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Noosphere: Our Call to Globalization of the Spirit, Louise Cowan – 4/19/00
Babel: the Fear of Humanity and the Illusion of Divinity, Dan Russ – 3/29/00
Thinking in Spheres: Divine Consciousness and Globalization, Gail Thomas – 3/22/00
Here and Everywhere: the Icons of Global Consciousness, Glenn Arbery – 3/15/00
Seven Blind Men and an Elephant: the Future of World Religions, Frederick Turner – 3/08/00
From Fragments to the Whole: the Difficult Passage, Bainard Cowan – 3/01/00

Violence and the City – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
The Voice of Violence-Its Afflicted Utterance, Dennis Slattery – 12/01/99
The Tradition of Violence in American Literature, Bainard Cowan – 11/17/99
Hamlet and the Grief Counselors, Larry Allums – 10/20/99
Misfits, Complacencies, and the Gods of Violence, Glenn Arbery – 10/13/99

Fellows Conference: Education and Its Metaphors
Fairy Tale Education: Natural Classicism and Creativity, Frederick Turner – 3/27/99

Visible and Invisible Forms – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Opposing Selves-Roles and Masks, Joanne Stroud – 3/10/99
Ecological Turbulence and the Hadean Arcadia, Frederick Turner – 3/3/99
The Why and Wherefore of Farms and Banks, Larry Allums – 2/24/99

Work and Play in the City – The City of Imagination Lecture Series
Spiritual Psychology of Work, Robert Sardello – 11/18/98
Gaston Bachelard: The Hand of Work and Play, Joanne Stroud – 11/11/98
Against the Rules: Poetry, Form and Play, Glenn Arbery – 10/28/98
The Divine at Play with Itself: Feng Shui with Feeling, Gail Thomas – 10/21/98
Corporatism, Efficiency, and the Work of Imagination, Larry Allums – 10/7/98

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