Mosaix Lounge: International Tasting Social

With Urban Mosaix on Sunday, August 20; 3:00 pm

People are the colorful ‘mosaic pieces ‘ in this lounge where strangers arrive… friends depart! Get together for a delicious international tasting buffet of shared dishes and lively conversations inspired by enlightening questions that spark insightful new viewpoints.

Please bring an 8+ serving appetizer or dessert with a GLOBAL THEME; beverages will be provided. Good quality store-bought absolutely OK if lacking time or culinary skills. Come prepared to ‘eat around the world’ as we relax on a Sunday afternoon!

$5 Event Donation | Registration closes midnight Sat 19 Aug
Registration for Sunday, August 20, 3:00 pm | Registration for Sunday, November 5, 3:00 pm

Conducted by Urban Mosaix at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

About Siobhan Farr and Urban Mosaix

Siobhan Farr1Siobhan Farr received her BBA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Baruch College (CUNY) and BS in Interior Architecture & Design from the University of Maryland College Park. Following several years in the corporate sector, she left her position as Manager of Training & Development at Fannie Mae Southwest Region to start her own consultancy focusing on interpersonal communications and diversity awareness. She founded with the desire to offer a wide variety of enlightening AND enjoyable events to everyone interested in a more diverse social community.

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