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Misa Flamenca

Seville & Dance from Cathedral to the Street

In Partnership with The Orchestra of New Spain

In preparation for next week’s Misa Flamenca production, Danica Sena presents a lively introduction to the history of Music and Dance in Spain. Her personal demonstration and that of her Son y Tacon ensemble offer a glimpse of the rich cultural diversity throughout the Iberian peninsula
In Danica’s words:

“While you may have travelled to or resided in Spain, read Spanish literature or attended a plethora of Spanish dance and flamenco performances, this lecture/demonstration promises to surprise you with historical and cultural facts that will enrich your understanding of the unique musical and dance genres that were created on the Iberian peninsula.

“Live props used in flamenco and Spanish dance and audio-visuals will be presented to enhance and enliven your experience.

sena1“The most exciting part of this event is that you will get to witness the actual structural-improvisation creative process of flamenco music and dance via three national prize winning artists direct from Spain: El Niño Manuel, guitar; Jesus Castilla, cante; Emilio Ochando, baile. Having flamenco artists of this caliber is a rare gift, if not a once-in-a-lifetiime experience.

Together we will show you behind-the-scene processing in order to help you better understand and appreciate the live performance experience as well as set you up for next weeks’s full performance of a Spanish baroque Mass intertwined with flamenco. Bienvenidos. Ole!”

Saturday, February 11, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm; reception at 6:30
At the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

In Partnership with The Orchestra of New Spain
Members of the Dallas Institute $25, Nonmembers $35


About Danica Sena

Internationally-acclaimed Master flamenco and Spanish dance teacher/choreographer/performer Danica Sena has been a proud faculty member of ODC School/Rhythm&Motion since 2004. Her intrinsic cultural understanding of the art she imparts combined with a unique methodology and passion for teaching has made her one of the most-solicited in her field. Her talents have taken her to Spain (where she resided for a decade), Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hawaii and to all states of the continental U.S. She has created and performed over 200 original works for television, independent film and stage. Her exquisite musicality coupled with extensive and eclectic movement, instrumental and vocal training have landed her collaborations with companies such as Penninsula Ballet Theatre, Kansas City Ballet, Martinez Opera, MusicSources, Oregon Ballet Theatre, HP Pavillion. Ms. Sena is the founder and artistic director of Andanza Spanish Arts, resident choreographer/stage director for “Her Rebel Highness”, ODC School’s Youth Flamenco instructor. She also acts as adjunct faculty member of Dominican University and University of San Francisco.

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