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2016 — Alchemical Psychology

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The 5th Annual James Hillman Symposium

“It is not the literal return to alchemy that is necessary but a restoration of the alchemical mode of imagining. For in that mode we restore matter to our speech – and that is our aim: the restoration of imaginative matter, not of literal alchemy.”
—James Hillman, Alchemical Psychology

The 5th Annual James Hillman Symposium Alchemical Psychology

Friday and Saturday, October 28-29, 2016
at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture (2719 Routh Street)
Hosted by Drs. Joanne Stroud, Robert Sardello, Gail Thomas & J. Larry Allums


1:30 pm Doors Open/Registration; Main House

2:30 pm Symposium Welcome; Nancy Cain Marcus Conference Center

2:45 pm Alchemy, Inc.: G. Kwame Scruggs & Andre McCray

3:30-5:00 Session I : Dennis Slattery, Joanne H. Stroud, Rodney Teague
Session Leader: Larry Allums

5:00-5:15 Break

5:15-6:45 Session II : Bob Kugelmann, Natasha Stroud, Scott Churchill
Session Leader: Jean Lall

7:00-8:00 Dinner – Tex-Mex Buffet; Annex, Stroud House

8:00 pm Magic Show: Tom Verner; Annex, Stroud House


8:00-9:00 am Continental Breakfast; Main House Porch

9:00-9:15 Symposium opens; Nancy Cain Marcus Conference Center

9:15-9:30 Margot McLean on Hillman & Alchemical Psychology

9:30-11:00 Session III : Pat Berry, Stanton Marlan, Safron Rossi
Session Leader: Robert Sardello           

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-12:30 Tom Moore – Intro. by J. Stroud

12:30-1:30 pm Lunch/Conversation; Annex, Stroud House

1:15 pm Café Momentum: Chad Houser; Annex (end of lunch)

1:30-1:45 Break

1:45-3:15 Session IV : Gail Thomas, Gustavo Barcellos, Robert Sardello
Session Leader: Jean Lall                      

3:15-3:30 Break

3:30-5:00 Session V : Michael Sipiora, Scott Becker, Glen Slater
Session Leader: Larry Allums    

5:00 pm Conference Wrap

5:15-6:15 Celebration Reception; Main House

We explored Volume 5 of Hillman’s UNIFORM EDITION, Alchemical Psychology, at the Dallas Institute on Friday and Saturday, October 28th and 29th, 2016. Friday highlights included talks by influential scholars, dinner and a special appearance by magician Tom Verner, a close friend of Hillman for many years. His performance-presentation encircled the notions of alchemy, magic, and psychology. The symposium continued Saturday with a full day of sessions and concluded that evening with a lively celebration attended by all registrants and speakers. Purchase Alchemical Psychology here!

Featured speakers:

  • J. Larry Allums*
  • Gustavo Barcellos
  • Scott Becker
  • Pat Berry
  • Scott Churchill*
  • Chad Houser
  • Robert Kugelmann
  • Stan Marlan
  • Margot McLean
  • David Miller
  • Thomas Moore*
  • Safron Rossi
  • Robert Sardello*
  • Michael Sipiora
  • Glen Slater
  • Dennis Slattery*
  • Joanne H. Stroud*
  • Natasha Stroud
  • Rodney Teague*
  • Gail Thomas*
  • Tom Verner

*Fellows of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture


2015 — Senex & Puer

The 4th Annual James Hillman Symposium

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The James Hillman Symposium for October 16-17, 2015
at the Dallas Institute addressed 
Senex and Puer

senex-puerThe Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture announced its annual James Hillman Symposium. Inaugurated and supported by friends of James Hillman and by scholars of his founding work in archetypal psychology, the James Hillman Symposium is the leading forum for an ongoing discussion of the Uniform Edition, a 10-volume collection of his writings, co-published by the Dallas Institute and Spring Publications. The mission of the conference is to encourage conversations about Hillman’s major ideas and concepts in conjunction with psychological as well as cultural topics.

The 2015 James Hillman Symposium addressed Hillman’s third volume, Senex and Puer. Senex and Puer are Latin terms for “old man” and “youth” and personify oppositional states such as old versus new, authority versus creativity, and control versus impulse. Speakers discussed these primary patterns for how we perceive ourselves and others. We hope you enjoyed the lively conversation of Hillman’s work in the series of talks and roundtable discussions.

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October 16, 2015

The opening Friday evening featured welcoming remarks given by Executive Director Larry Allums and Director of Publications and Founding Fellow Joanne Stroud; a poetry reading by Margot McLean (“Senex & Puer: An Oblique Approach”); a poetry performance by Nor Hall (“Conversing in Memoriam”); and a presentation on the imagination by author Richard Lewis (“A Gathering of Hands”), followed by a conversation with Matthew Green on the puer (“The Senex-Puer Split in The Little Prince”), moderated by Larry Allums.

October 17, 2015

Session I: Glen Slater (“Hillman’s Metapsychology,” Robert Sardello (“The Rhythmical Character of Senex-et-Puer”), Scott Becker (“Titanomachy: Finding Senex & Puer in the Twenty-first Century”), Rodney Teague (“Archetypal Thinking as Imaginal Practice”)

Session Leaders: Joanne Stroud, Pat Berry

Session II: Gustavo Barcellos (“Notes on Horizontality: Continuity, Penetration, Soul and the Sibling Archetype”), Joanne Stroud (“Poetry Weaves Together the Split in the Senex-Puer Archetype”), Tom Cheetham (“Errands to an Adjoining Zone”)

Session Leaders: Robert Sardello, Gail Thomas

Session III: Sarah Jackson (“Puer Women and Female Heroes”), Cheryl Sanders-Sardello (“On Being Too Big: Senex-Puer Contemplations”), Gustavo Beck (“The Hidden Senex and the Dying Puer: A Eulogy to James Hillman’s Monotheistic Polytheism”), Gail Thomas (“Entertaining Ideas on Senex and Puer”)

Session Leaders: Pat Berry, Glen Slater

Closing – James Hillman Unplugged – tap-dance video introduced by Margot McLean


To purchase a copy of any Uniform Edition, please visit our publications page.


James Hillman talks about the concepts of Senex and Puer:

2014 — City & Soul: Urban Earth Ecology

James Hillman Logo

city-and-soulOctober 17th-18th, 2014, at the Dallas Institute

This year’s event addressed Hillman’s second book, City and Soulcovering the book’s four sections: Patient as Citizen, Politics of Beauty, Places of Practice, and Responsive Environmentalism.

October 17th, 2014

Friday evening’s events consisted of a welcome by Dallas Institute Executive Director Dr. Larry Allums and Founding Fellow Dr. Joanne Stroud, followed by a short video compiled by Margot Mclean which featured clips from a BBC series of interviews of James Hillman. After that, there was a panel moderated by Dr. Robert Sardello and included distinguished guests Robert Leaver, Robert Romanyshyn, and Nor Hall.

October 18th, 2014

Saturday’s events opened with a welcome and overview of the day’s events by Joanne Stroud and Larry Allums, before beginning each of the day’s sessions:

Part I – Patient as Citizen
Part II – Politics of Beauty
Part III – Places of Practice
Part IV – The Soul of the City in Distress

Session I: Patient as Citizen was moderated by Joanne Stroud, and included papers written by panelists Gustavo Beck (“Returning to the Soul’s ‘Body Politic: Reflections towards Imaginal Democracy”), Randolph Severson (“The Dailiest Day: Civus Urbanus Sum”), and Mary Watkins (“Capitalism and the Commons”).

Session II: Politics of Beauty was moderated by Gail Thomas, and included Klaus Ottmann (“No Ethics without Aesthetics” (An explication of Hillman’s text “Aesthetics and Politics” with regard to the connection of beauty and art to social wellness and cultural diplomacy)), Sarah Jackson (“Beauty Walks a Razor’s Edge: How Ugliness Informs and Transforms Beauty”), and Dennis Slattery (“Aesthetics, Politics, Ethics: An Emerging Trinity of Imagination: James Hillman’s City and Soul”).

In the afternoon, Session III: Places of Practice began, moderated by Scott Churchill, featuring Rodney Teague (“Going to Town, Being in Town, Leaving Town”), Cheryl Sanders-Sardello (“You Have the Right to Remain Silent”), and Gustavo Barcellos (“South and the Soul”).

Session IV: The Soul of the City in Distress was moderated by Larry Allums, with panelists Joanne Stroud (“Return of the Soul to the World”), Scott Becker (“The Minotaur and the Matrix: Technology and the Soulless City”), and Robert Sardello (“Between Greed and Grief: the Imaginal Space of the City”)

Photos from the 2014 James Hillman Symposium:

2013 — James Hillman: Archetypal Psychology

Under the auspices of Dr. Larry Allums, Director
Drs. Joanne Stroud, Gail Thomas, and Robert Sardello, Founding Fellows of The Dallas Institute

A day long round-table discussion of his newly revised edition of Archetypal Psychology held Saturday, December 7, 2013.

Institute Fellows and Guest Speakers

Patricia Berry, Jungian Analyst and Author, President of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts

Tom Cheatham, Author and Faculty Member, Tenemos Academy, London, and the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor

Scott Churchill, Professor of Psychology, University of Dallas

Nor Hall, Author, Psychotherapist, Theater and Performance Consultant/Collaborator

Margot McLean Hillman, Artist and Author

Robert Kugelmann, Professor of Psychology, University of Dallas

Klaus Ottman, Editor, Spring Publications, and Director and Curator at Large, the Center for the Study of Modern Art, Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.

Robert Romanyshyn, Fellow of DIHC, Clinical Psychologist and Faculty Member, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, Fellow of DIHC, Director, The School of Spiritual Psychology and Goldenstone Press

Robert Sardello, Founding Fellow of DIHC, Director, The School of Spiritual Psychology and Goldenstone Press

Randolph Severson, Author, Psychologist and Adoption Counselor

Michael Sipiora, Psychologist and Faculty Member, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Dennis Slattery, Fellow of DIHC, Phenomenologist and Faculty Member, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Joanne Stroud, Founding Fellow of DIHC, Director of Institute Publications

Rodney Teague, Clinical Psychologist and Instructor, Tuskegee University

Gail Thomas, Founding Fellow of DIHC, President of Trinity Trust Foundation

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