Practical Education Vs. Liberal Education:
The first 2015 Education Forum follow-up program

Chris Knight

Thank you for attending our first follow-up program to the 2015 Education Forum! We continued the conversation about liberal education—what it is and how to provide it to every child. This first session was called, “Practical” Education vs. “Liberal” Education: the Tension between W. E. B. DuBois’ “Talented Tenth” and Booker T. Washington’s “Industrial Education.” (You may download pdfs of the essays that was the focus of this first discussion.)

Scheduled guest panelists included: Ms. Tracie Fraley (Dallas ISD Executive Director); Mr. Nakia Douglas (Principal, Dallas ISD’s Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy); Mr. Scott Gonzalez (Provost, St. Mark’s School of Texas); Mr. Allen Gray (Assistant Principal, Dallas ISD’s Kimball HS); Ms. Onyema Nweze (Assistant Principal, Dallas ISD’s Townview).


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