The Cowan Center™ Council members are ambassadors for the Dallas Institute’s Louise and Donald Cowan Center for Education™. The Council is comprised of two parts: civic leaders who are dedicated to sharing the Cowan Center™ vision with those in their realms of influence and educators whose expertise and counsel influence and enlarge the work of the Cowan Center™. A number of both the civic leaders and the educators who serve on the Council are alumni of Cowan Center™ programs.

Dr.J. Larry Allums

Joy Barnhart*

Betty Bellamy

Russell Bellamy

Dr. Bainard Cowan

Rex Cumming

Alejandrina Drew

Dr. Carol François*

Mr. David Griffin*

Dr. Sharon Harris*

Clyde Henderson

Sue Maclay

Dr. Claudia MacMillan

Joy Mankoff

Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus*

Dr. Donna McBride*

Dr. Dawson Orr*

Dr. Jennifer Parvin*

Nancy Pollard

Betty Regard

Steven Raab

Nelda Cain Pickens*

Dr. Clarissa Plair*

Dr. Diane Ravitch

Emily Roden

Deedie Rose

Dr. Dan Russ

Dr. Diana Senechal

Sarah Sparling

Dr. David Sweet

Brian Williams

Kim Williams


*Cowan Center™ Alumnus