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One Mysterious Collection . Two Evenings of Intrigue


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Marvellous Thieves: The Story Behind the Arabian Nights
Dr. Paulo Lemos Horta

The narrative frame of the Arabian Nights, universally acknowledged as a world classic, is familiar: a story is told nightly, and left unfinished, by Queen Shahrazad under threat of death lest the King her husband lose interest in her tale. The suspense continues for 1001 nights, and generations of readers have inherited the rich fruits—the stories and stories within stories—of the domestic drama.

In advance of the Institute’s December 1st “Classic at Cour Regard,” which will focus on the Arabian Nights, Professor Paulo Horta of NYU Abu Dhabi, will introduce us to the poets and scholars, pilgrims and charlatans who made crucial contributions to this most famous of story collections. Join us for Prof. Horta’s intriguing presentation based on his highly praised work Marvellous Thieves.


Thursday, November 30: 6:30-8 pm, Reception at 6 pm

$25 – Purchase Tickets Here
(membership discounts apply)




1001 Arabian Nights ClassicsClassics at Cour Regard: 1001 Arabian Nights
Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Dr. Paulo Lemos Horta, and more…

What is a classic? How does a text become a classic? And why do we deem it necessary and good to return to works of classic literature time after time? We continue our artistically diverse engagement with the classics and consider anew what grants certain works of literature entrance into the canon.

Part performance, part scholarly exploration, Classics at Cour Regard offers a 21st century perspective on and a new appreciation of our culture’s most iconic works of literature through multidisciplinary celebrations of classic texts.

Join us for an evening of literature, music, performance, food, and drink inspired by 1001 Arabian Nights.


Friday, December 1: 6:30 – 9:30 pm

$60 - Purchase Tickets Here
(membership discounts do not apply)

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